Experimental Design and Field Sampling

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Module 1 - Experimental Design for Monitoring

Module 2 - Quality Control and Selection of Analytical Methods

Module 3 - Water Sample Collection Methods

Module 4a - Effects of Non-Detected Observations and Selection of Analytical Methods

Module 4b (Missing) -Characteristics and Monitoring of Stormwater Particulates

Module 4b1 - Characteristics of Particulates in Stormwater

Module 4b2 - Sediment Transport

Module 4b3 - Sampling and Particulate Analyses

Module 5 - Statistical Analyses (Power Point Presentation)

Module 6 - Physical Processes in Rivers and Lakes

Module 7 - Microorganism Origins and Fate

Module 8 (Missing) - Dissolved Oxygen Processes, Eutrophication and Temperature Modeling

Module 9 (Missing) - Toxicants