Use of WinSLAMM assumes the user has an understanding of water quality concepts, has experience using computer models, and understands the local regulatory issues regarding stormwater quality management.

In general, we are not able to provide technical guidance for WinSLAMM. There are many different components to each model, and each model requires an understanding of various hydraulic, water quality, and large scale and small storm hydrology concepts.

We can provide limited support, via email, on how to model various practices using WinSLAMM. Please contact John Voorhees for "how to" type questions.

Support Policy

PVA provides support for current licenses (licenses purchased within the previous year) only.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs or errors in the program can be sent to John Voorhees. Please include as much detailed information as possible. Helpful information includes:

  • Model version (e.g. 10.0.2)
  • .mdb file(s) creating error (resaved with a *.mmm extension)
  • Parameter files used in model file(s)
  • Screen captures of the error
  • Detailed description of the error
  • Steps leading up to error

If we can duplicate the problem, we should be able to fix it and send a patch back to you. If we cannot duplicate the problem, we will try to help you work around it.


We are very interested in receiving comments and suggestions regarding WinSLAMM. Please use the email addresses below to contact us:


If you have suggestions for model improvements, please email John Voorhees. We are always trying to make the programs better and encourage comments regarding usability and useful additions to WinSLAMM or ArcSLAMM Plus.

Beta Testing

At various times throughout the development process, PVA welcomes Beta Testers to test program versions before they are released to the public. If interested in becoming a Beta Tester, please email PVA Beta Testing with your contact information. We will contact you via email if we are currently in need of beta testers. PVA cannot offer Beta Testers anything other than an honorable mention on our website and free beta versions of the program to test.

Beta Testers

We have had many v10.0 Beta Testers. Thank you to each and every one of you for your help! You really do help make the program better for all.